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In-house training and development

Compliant Customs take the time to understand both yours and your client's business.
We deliver specifically tailored training programs that ensure your staff understand customs, customs processes and the issues that are relevant to your business. We offer expert guidance and a proven systematic approach:

Step 1: Situation Analysis

We discuss your specific needs and goals.

Step 2: Identify Topics and Content

Based on your needs, our team identify appropriate topics and content.

Step 3: Develop Customised Content

Our instructors develop customised content with examples and exercises tailored to your organisational needs.

Step 4: Trainer Preparation

Our instructor will work with you to finalise deliverables.

Step 5: Delivery and Follow-Up

Our experts will deliver the expected training followed by a quality assessment at the end of each training day.

We can tailor a personalised training program for you. Speak to us on 02 9525 9500, or complete our online form and our representative will respond within one business day.