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Friday, February 26, 2016

To all our valued clients


It is with great excitement that I share the news with you that Ben Cambridge will be getting married this coming Monday, 29 February 2016. I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that has worked with Ben over the years that he has specifically chosen this date!


On behalf of all of us at Compliant Customs, I hope you join me in congratulating both Ben and Liss and wishing them all the very best for the big day!


Operating Hours on Monday 29 February 2016


The team at Compliant Customs are all invited to attend this momentous occasion and it is certainly one that we can't miss! I am sure you will all appreciate that we would like to do all that we can to ensure that your needs are met on this day and that we can also take an hour out of the office to celebrate with the happy couple! With this in mind, we would like to advise that the office phones will be unattended between 3:00 to 4:30pm on Monday 29 February 2016. We will all still be contactable via mobile (best not to call Ben though) and we will also have remote access through this period and should anything urgent arise, we are certainly willing and able to assist.


Once again, on behalf of all of us at Compliant Customs please join me in wishing both Ben and Liss all the very best for the big day!